Notice: Removing old FC2 videos on the download server


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Hi all,

After many days of deliberation, we decided to delete FC2 videos on JAVFC2.XYZ’s download server.

This decision was made to optimize costs and reuse storage space for new FC2 videos.

FC2 videos that are the best will still be kept in the download server.

For download server 1: By May 18, 2023, most old FC2 videos are at JAVFC2.XYZ’s download server will be deleted to make room for new FC2 videos.

For download server 2: By January 15, 2024, all files on download server 2 will be deleted

For download server 3: By April 6, 2024, all files on download server 3 will be deleted

We will also increase the video download limit so you can download videos to your device if you want.


JAVFC2 team

95 responses to “Notice: Removing old FC2 videos on the download server”

  1. Hi,
    Is it possible to download only the subtitle files? I have some videos already on my PC, I would like to add subs to them.
    Thanks for your services.

  2. Hello.
    Could you help upload FC2-PPV-2784806 and FC2-PPV-2697217 please? I’ve been searching every corner on the internet but am still unable to find these two videos.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Hello, Admin.
    FC2PPV 4193192 can be downloaded, but it is not complete.
    Could you check and give us the full version, please ?

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