How to watch and download subtitles on JAVFC2.XYZ

Because there is a bug in the videojs library, sometimes you won’t be able to view subtitles on iOS devices. Please do the following trick to watch the subtitles:

-When playing the video in full screen, select a subtitle.

-Then play in PiP mode.

-Full screen again, now you will see the subtitle!

If you are using Android, try rotating the screen horizontally and you will see the CC button.

Here’s a guide on how to download subtitles from for laptop users:

-Navigate to the video link where you want to download the subtitles. In my case is:

-Press Ctrl + U to view the source code of the website.

-Search for the keyword “.vtt” as shown in the image. That is the link you can use to download the subtitles.

That’s allll !!!

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