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Everyone who has ever browsed the web has experienced a website that was slow to load. Often, this is a result of poorly optimized images on that webpage that are either too large for purpose or that were embedded on the page with insufficient information.

Images on a page might take painfully long to load as pixels agonizingly fill in from top-to-bottom; or worse still, they might cause massive shifts of the page layout as the browser learns about their dimensions. These problems are a serious annoyance to users and as of August 2021, search engines punish pages accordingly.

Understandably, slow page loads have an adverse effect on a page’s “bounce rate” which is the percentage of visitors which quickly move off of the page. On e-commerce sites in particular, the bounce rate typically has a direct monetary impact and pages are usually very image-heavy. It is critically important to optimize all the images on your webpages to reduce load on and egress from your origin, to improve your performance in search engine rankings and, ultimately, to provide a great experience for your users.

That’s why I decided to build an image optimization and distribution system for JAVFC2.XYZ!

What is imgcdn.videofunny.lol?

It is a cloud-based end-to-end image management and delivery service. It comes with a delivery CDN, with automatic optimizations and resizing that can be performed in real-time.

The good thing about imgcdn.videofunny.lol is that you can use all its optimization and transformation features while storing the original images in your storage. This means minimal changes to your workflow while still getting best-in-class image delivery features in minutes.

Request flow for optimized images in web storage with imgcdn.videofunny.lol

  1. After registering your domain name, you can access the images using the endpoint of imgcdn.videofunny.lol.
  2. If imgcdn.videofunny.lol has a cached version of the image on its CDN or other internal caches, it delivers the image from there. Such images get delivered in low double-digit milliseconds.
  3. Suppose imgcdn.videofunny.lol does not have the optimized and transformed image in its cache. In that case, imgcdn.videofunny.lol gets the original image from your storage, does all the processing in real-time, and sends back the right image to the user. This takes about 100-200ms on average, depending on the input image.
  4. Subsequent requests for the same image get served from imgcdn.videofunny.lol’s CDN.

Image Processing

imgcdn.videofunny.lol is a real-time on the fly image manipulation and optimization service that automatically optimizes your images for faster image delivery, bandwidth savings and enables smart dynamic image manipulation using a simple query API.


You can use query to resize this image:


Parameter: width    Units: Pixels    Default: auto
Resize the output image to the given width maintaining the current aspect ratio.


Parameter: height    Units: Pixels    Default: auto



The current version only supports resizing images, other image editing options will be available soon.

imgcdn.videofunny.lol is still in the development stage and if you want to use this service for your website I am happy to provide it for free. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in using this service.

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