Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What types of videos will be posted at JAVFC2.XYZ?

Most will be FC2PPV videos, sometimes there will be censored JAV videos, webcams,…

Which videos will have SUBTitles?

The hottest FC2PPV videos of the day! Sometimes there will be other videos if I like 😀

English subtitles are very funny and weird, why is that?

Because the English subtitles are all created with AI.

What languages are supported to create subtitles for FC2 videos?

Currently JAVFC2.XYZ supports English, Korean and Chinese subtitles.

Which videos will have download links?

Most will be videos with subtitles, sometimes there will be other videos requested by the user.

Is there any limit when downloading videos?

I do not enforce any form of bandwidth limitations on downloads. But to ensure system stability, you can only download once a minute.

What quality are the videos on JAVFC2.XYZ streamed at?

Most will be 1080p, 720p and 480p.

Damn, I hate ads on this site so much!

Yup, I hate ads too!

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