2022 recap!

Looking back on the past year with JAVFC2.XYZ!

Actually JAVFC2.XYZ was launched at the end of June 2022 but I think I will still summarize the past 1 year of JAVFC2.XYZ

  • Currently, we have 1895 videos and 173 registered members
  • 425 videos with English subtitles created with AI
  • 496 videos are supported to download

Top 12 most viewed videos on JAVFC2

Top 12

Now it’s time to talk about the backbone network of JAVFC2! Note that the backbone network runs on the subdomain center.videofunny.lol, not 1.videofunny.lol

Bandwidth that the backbone network has delivered

You can see on the chart, in September there was a decrease in the number of users, fortunately there was an increase in the following months.

As expected, this December has reached more than 20TB of bandwidth. The bone network has been very stable and fast delivering more than 20TB of bandwidth to 80.59k Unique Visitors in December.

I will have a detailed article about the backbone network of JAVFC2.

I’m not good at writing so I won’t know how to end it. But I really thank you for your interest in JAVFC2.XYZ. I’m really happy to see the website growing, when users like English subtitles videos, when users report errors.

I don’t know what I plan to do next for JAVFC2 in 2023, maybe I will continue to improve the backbone network to ensure the user’s video viewing experience.

That all and Happy New Year!

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