Hello November and Weekly Update 11

Last week I did not write Update Weekly for the simple reason that there was nothing to update =)) But this week there are many things for me to update and announce new things for November!

The first thing is the number of users accessing JAVFC2.XYZ has increased again compared to September. It is good that there are still users who remember JAVFC2.

Number of users accessing in October

In the last 30 days, JAVFC2’s backbone has delivered over 10TB of video bandwidth (including video download).

Amount of bandwidth from center.videofunny.lol

The next thing I want to say is, have you noticed the increase in the number of videos with English subtitles?

English subtitle

That’s right, I’ve updated the system to allow me to subtitle videos more quickly. From now on English subtitles will be updated daily!

If you see the video is supported to download, it will be updated with English subtitles.

And one last small thing I want to mention is Advertising. I thought a video streaming website would be weird without ads, so I added ads to JAVFC2.XYZ :))

And that’s all!

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