Hello October and Weekly Update 8

Hello October

Hello October, let’s look back at September: we have 5 blog post:

Weekly Update 4

About advertising on JAVFC2.XYZ

Weekly Update 5

Weekly Update 6

Weekly Update 7

I thought JAVFC2.XYZ user traffic would increase in September, but somehow it decreased. Fortunately, the number of users has started to increase again, and the website also has a certain number of users from Google!

After 3 months, JAVFC2.XYZ has reached more than 1k clicks from Google Search, which is a good sign for the development of the website.

Google Search Console

September also marked JAVFC2.XYZ is being attacked by DoS. In about 1 hour on September 27, I saw more than 1 million requests to the domain javfc2.xyz, fortunately, most of them were blocked by Cloudflare’s firewall!

Blocked by Firewall
More than 1m request in 1h

The backbone network serves more than 7TB of video bandwidth in September!

That’s all for September!

Let’s see how JAVFC2 will continue to grow in October!!!

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