JAVFC2.XYZ was having problems watching the video today. Why?

Today there was a period of time when watching videos on JAVFC2.XYZ had problems. When you click play, the video doesn’t play at all.

The reason is that today I enabled Rocket Loader™ on Cloudflare for JAVFC2 :’)

So what is Rocket Loader™?

Rocket Loader

Rocket Loader prioritizes your website’s content (text, images, fonts etc) by deferring the loading of all of your JavaScript until after rendering.

This type of loading (known as asynchronous loading) leads to earlier rendering of your page content. Rocket Loader handles both inline and external scripts, while maintaining order of execution. Cloudflare will detect incompatible browsers and disable Rocket Loader.

On pages with JavaScript, this results in a much faster loading experience for your users and improves the following performance metrics:

  • Time to First Paint (TTFP)
  • Time to First Contentful Paint (TTFCP)
  • Time to First Meaningful Paint (TTFMP)
  • Document Load

And that is the reason why Video.js on JAVFC2.XYZ does not work, resulting in not being able to watch the video!

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