JAVFC2.XYZ Backbone: It’s Just a Beginning

The JAVFC2.XYZ Backbone

The homepage

JAVFC2.XYZ is growing, leading to ensuring the video viewing experience also has to accommodate this growth. The website distributes over 400 GB of high-quality video bandwidth every day.

I don’t use 3rd party services, I want full control over video streaming and I always want the best user experience for watching videos, that’s why JAVFC2.XYZ backbone was developed.

JAVFC2.XYZ backbone network

The backbone network currently has 5 servers located in Korea, Japan, Australia, India and Hong Kong. A load balancing server located in Korea is responsible for distributing requests to servers using the PowerOfTwoChoices algorithm.
The load balancer will select two random destinations and then select the one with the least assigned requests. This avoids the overhead of LeastRequests and the worst case for Random where it selects a busy destination.

Because the majority of JAVFC2.XYZ’s users are from Asia, the current backbone will focus on Asia, so if you are from the US or Europe you will sometimes notice slow video streaming!

Video distribution has always been a complicated problem for individuals. What if more than 100k users visit JAVFC2.XYZ in 1 day, let the future answer this.

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  1. well im from asia but honestly til now i really cant find the antidote for me to be able to watch the fc2 ppv 3070552 masterpiece of yours.. yes i really did got to manage to watch other fc2ppv-english sub in this site & it works very fine..? except only fc2ppv 3070552.. til now im trying to figure it out why..?? cause i’ve been waiting 2 weeks long hoping that someone could fix this issue…

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