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  • Weekly Update 10

    Last week I introduced downloading videos on JAVFC2.XYZ and it seems to be helpful. The video download system has been updated, from now you just need to click the download button to easily download videos from your laptop or smartphone.

  • How to download video from JAVFC2.XYZ

    Now JAVFC2.XYZ has started allowing users to download videos from the backbone! The videos supported to download are all encoded to optimize the size but still at the best quality. However, not all videos will support downloading. When a video is supported to download, you will see a Download button as shown below, click it…

  • Weekly Update 9

    You can now download videos from JAVFC2.XYZ 🤩 However, not all movies will have download links 🤡

  • Hello October and Weekly Update 8

    Hello October, let’s look back at September: we have 5 blog post: Weekly Update 4 About advertising on JAVFC2.XYZ Weekly Update 5 Weekly Update 6 Weekly Update 7 I thought JAVFC2.XYZ user traffic would increase in September, but somehow it decreased. Fortunately, the number of users has started to increase again, and the website also has a certain number…

  • Weekly Update 7

    This week the number of users has improved compared to last week. This week there were also issues with the backbone network affecting performance. Luckily it was fixed today! The backbone network is back to normal now! That’s all for this week!

  • Weekly Update 6

    This week, the number of users accessing the website decreased significantly. I don’t know the reason!Let’s see the situation next week, the number of users will increase or not?

  • Weekly Update 5

    A few highlights this week: This week I upgraded videojs to version 6.13.0. Video player is stable on all platforms. I also added a server in Japan to JAVFC2’s backbone network. Now we have 6 servers that support video streaming. That’s all for this week!

  • About advertising on JAVFC2.XYZ

    Should browser ad blocker be enabled when watching high quality videos on JAVFC2.XYZ?I would be happy if you don’t have ad blocker enabled! Currently http://JAVFC2.XYZ only has banners in these locations when you visit, hopefully you will not turn on the ad blocker on your browser when watching videos at JAVFC2 😗

  • Weekly Update 4

    A few highlights this week: This week I fixed a bug that prevented users of the Chrome browser on Android from viewing videos. I was too careless, did not test again on Android OS, but only tested on Windows, macOS and iOS. Hope you guys won’t call me a bad developer :'( The number of…

  • Hello September

    Hello September, let’s look back at August: we have 3 Weekly Update articles: Weekly Update 1 Weekly Update 2 Weekly Update 3 JAVFC2.XYZ delivered over 8.5 TB of video bandwidth to 60.63k Unique Visitors in Asia and the US! We also fixed the issue of not being able to watch videos on Chrome Android. In…